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Da! как смешно! (Yes, what fun! — at least I hope that’s what it means!)

So, last week, I went to see the Moscow State Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Van Wezel in Sarasota.


The tickets were fabulous — Row Six — so kind of front and center and the crowd was overflowing with lots of Russian conversation. Oh, and the symphony wasn’t half bad either. The violin solo was Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, and the soloist was a woman who just went to town on that violin. The pianist was also just a kid — Alexander Sinchuk — who, everyone’s saying, is going to mature into the kind of performer who develops one of those reputations that has people saying, “Yeah, I saw him when he was just a kid.”

Then, after, martinis — with pizza, no less — at Broadway.

All in all, a fun way to spend a Wednesday night.

*photo courtesy of Van Wezel

Posted on February 2nd, 2010Comments RSS Feed
15 Responses to Da! как смешно! (Yes, what fun! — at least I hope that’s what it means!)
  1. P.S. HUGE thanks to the readers who have written asking me what the heck is up with the blogless blog lately…. sorry! But thanks for your notes that have inspired me to come to the keyboard tonight. Just been crazy busy … and with a few more postings … you’ll see why!

  2. Oh I figured you needed a break from us MC especially you know who……….I am surprised you didn’t have borscht with pizza after the concert but I guess Martinis were better.Hope the pizza was tasty as I haven’t found a good pizza place down here in 9 years.I miss the NJ /NY pizzas for sure.Keep having fun and welcome back!:-)

  3. oh, for sure — i haven’t found a place down here who really knows how to make pie. but, broadway is at least unpretentious and (relatively) inexpensive.

  4. Я рад, что вы вернулись. Вы не можете выиграть лучших блоггеров в Сарасоте без блога. Мой русский страшного, но когда в России …!:)

  5. Translated
    I’m glad your back. You cannot win best blogger in Sarasota without a blog.
    My Russian is terrible. But when in Russia…!:)

  6. Now that’s a translation I like! :) Thanks for the good thoughts ….

  7. Steve wrote, “Oh I figured you needed a break from us MC especially you know who”


  8. oh, steve’s just fooling around — he knows full well i would never want a break from YOU! :)

  9. Now GRRRRRRRRRRRRR to you both!:-)

  10. Ok mc,
    what’s the deal!!!
    Do we have to subscribe to your blog to recieve new ones?
    Has your site turned fee for service
    Or were we spoiled and should just expect biweekly blogs?
    Your fans await your return!!!!

  11. Personally, I think u should go fee for service
    I think Rush and Glenn beck make a killing doing it!

  12. Ah, Steve — you’re too hard on me! I posted 29 times in January! You’re right — a bit of a slacker so far in February — just been overworked and undertheweather …. but i’m posting …. any minute now … stay tuned … and thanks for reading!

  13. Scott , steve
    u r overworked
    Take the night off , MD
    I mean MZ

    that’s better!!!:)

  14. oh, good grief. sorry! thanks SCOTT! 😉

  15. Steve??Hey MC Sorry to Scott?I am crying what you said about me by mistake.:-( GRRRRR to Scott too:-)


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