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Hometown Democracy … where do you stand?

My head is kind of bobbing around like one of those little bobbling dolls that people put on their car dashboards sometimes. I’m all in a dither (or is a dather) trying to figure out how to vote on the Hometown Democracy Amendment, which will be on Floridians’ ballots later this year. To wit:

The Amendment would establish “that before a local government may adopt a new comprehensive land use plan, or a mend a comprehensive land use plan, the proposed plan or amendment shall be subject to vote of hte electors of the local government by referendum, following preparing by the local planning agency, consideration by the governing body and notice.”

Maybe I’m missing something … but I can’t see how this could be a bad thing — isn’t that what democracy is all about? Would it really be so bad to allow voters to participate in land use planning? And, honestly, I can’t think that such a thing would muck things up any worse than officials do already? Do I really need to remind myself of the quarter-million plus $$$$ frittered away in 2008 on consultant fees for roundabouts that went thataway?

However, I don’t see how it would be a good thing either because … really … even if we voters vote on something around here, it’s not all that likely that our governing bodies will pay attention to the outcome of the vote, will they? (Baseball stadium issue, anyone?) And if they do pay attention, they’ll figure out how to use smoke and mirrors to circumvent public opinion anyway. Am I wrong?

I think I’d fall on the side of voting FOR this Amendment. I’d welcome any reader feedback on the pro or con side.

Read more about Pro-Amendment 4 thinking … read more about Anti-Amendment 4 thinking.

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8 Responses to Hometown Democracy … where do you stand?
  1. I think we have already voted for this same amendment several years ago.
    It makes sense ur in a dither
    u got this cat issue clouding all ur issues
    I agree
    Vote yes
    call the cat Domino!!!!

  2. MC, I’m with you on this and I tend to side as well for the Hometown Democracy Movement.
    MC, I too, remember when the BCC put the baseball stadium to a vote. It was unanimously turned down by the voters. What did the BCC do anyway, they did everything in their power, to make certain the stadium deal went through. MC, the BCC just had an open meeting on the stadium deal this week and no matter how many people were against it, you think they’re going to listen, heck no they’re not. People need to remember the Commissioners who want the stadium deal and who ignored the voices of the residents. The residents need to remember these Commissioners and not vote for them when their term is up. Also MC, regarding the Sunshine law, say, do the public have any idea, that while the Commissioners e-mails are in fact open for public viewing and are available through Board Records, but what about the text messages? MC, 90% of the messages the Commissioners send, are in fact, through their Blackberries. MC, over 90% of how the Commissioners communicate, are through texting – which as of yet, are available, nor open to the public. MC, we need more voices, and the Hometown Democracy, while isn’t perfect – is still a great tool and resource. MC, too many rights have been taken away from people. We also need more legal representation available to us.
    Sorry, I wrote so much, but the Government talks about having transperency, while they communicate via their Blackberries, which the messages are NOT available to the public and all the messages SHOULD be. I recommend that there be no Blackberries in the County…NONE! Then, and only then, will peoples faith in Government be restored. Think about it.

  3. Hawk, you are right on. And I’m going to go off the main topic for a moment.
    Hawk, take a look if you will, at how Howard Dean, sold out the Democratic Party in 2008. Howard Dean as a matter of fact, a “closet Republican” planted by the Republican Party. In 2008 during the Presidential Primaries. He was warned by the National Democratic Committee; NOT to hold the Primaries any earlier than that allowed by the National Democratic Committee. Well, as most of you who remember, Hilary Clinton wa sleading the Primaries in Florida by a landslide. Well, you think for one moment, the Republicans would allow another Clinton to win the House. So, what did they do…they contacted Howard Dean, who in fact, held the Primary Election voting polls, weeks earlier than what was allowed. The end result, Hilary Clinton’s votes simply did not count. Also, how many of you remember, that Florida was to be the deciding state in the election. Florida, was goign to set a precendent over the rest of the Country. Had Howard Dean not sold the Democrats out, Hilary Clinton would very well be, the first female president of the United States. After the election, Howard Dean was nowhere to be found. Matter of fact, the media was “warned” to stay away from Howard Dean. He was never interviewed, questioned, nor challenged by the Democratic Party for his scandulous act. Hmmmm…anyone smell a rat here? So yes Ms. Collidge, I’m all for everything with the word Democrat in it. Before we restore voters confidence, we must remove the corruption that is in our current Government and the way to begin, is to stand up for your rights and Join forces with Hometown Democracy. Send them as much as you can afford to donate – (for legal expenses to fight the Republican attorneys) Stand up and be counted. Join the Hometwon Democracy Movement today! Do it now! Right Now! Your voice will be heard. Next time the BCC has a meeting, I want to see thousands of people outside the County building. Let your voices be heard people. Believe me, reality TV can wait. The hell with Tiger Woods love-life. To heck with how much Oprah weighs or how much Kirstie put on, this counts. This IS reality folks. Only to be silence is not going to help.

  4. No surprise as the Sarasota Association of Realtors are against it as well as the Sarasota Building Industry and Association.At the very least it forces a developer to listen and incorporate ideas of the local voting public before finalizing the master plan of the development which I happen to agree with as that is a no brainer.

  5. thanks for the interesting comments so far … everyone! would like to hear from any “nay” sayers … if there are any?

  6. Vote no!!!!
    That’s why we elected our government officials so they can decide these complex issues for us!!!

  7. “Hometown Democracy … where do you stand?”

    If I were a politician, I would state with great emphasis that I stand foursquare behind either opinion and will support that decision that the majority of voters decides upon. Unless, it is in conflict with the betterment of the community in general and society as a whole. With a strong emphasis on what the populace truly needs rather than what they think they want. We, as your elected officials have a mandate from the people to govern over you as we see fit.

    Oh, contributions for my re-elction will be gladly accepted in cash, check, or money order form.

  8. My vote is for John.
    I want the Government to decide what’s best for me, rather than to think for myself.
    This way, I won’t need to decide how my money is to be spent, the Commissioners can decide that for me and what would be best for the dollar. Oh wait, I don’t have any…oops… :( The commissioners already took my last dollar to pay for their shiny new Blackberry’s they communicate with. Sorry.


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