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Cat on a cold hard ground

I appreciate the emails and blog comments wondering about the little kitty I found. Unfortunately, I don’t have great news yet. He’s still outside; I’m still feeding him and have put a blanket and basket out for him tonight. He’s very sweet and eats a TON of cat chow. I’ve given him water also. But, he won’t let me catch him. I wanted to take him to the Cat Depot (a no kill facility) where at least I knew he’d be safe and cared for … but I can’t catch the bugger. I tried and was nearly bitten for my efforts.

Nobody I’ve contacted seems to want him. Not sure what to do next … . It’s also creating a bit of havoc inside because my three cats know he’s out there and are a bit on edge and watch him through the windows and sniff at the door, etc.

I’m enough of a crazy cat woman with three.

Posted on February 25th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
4 Responses to Cat on a cold hard ground
  1. #1 rule of survival
    don’t get bitten by a feral cat unless your a fan of rabies shots
    #2 Nature truly has an amazing way of sorting things out that belong or don’t belong in the wild
    Come this morning or the next ,sadly enough kitty I suspect will not be on your property any longer
    #3 the fact u care so much about animals
    is a mitzvah , but you can only do so much.
    Im sure animal services will get the cat.

  2. Read Eric Ernst column
    u right
    no one has a good answer for these cats
    goodluck MC

  3. What’s the latest MC?

  4. Hey Cat Woman
    how’s Boots?
    hope he made it through the weekend
    perfect Sunday – I hope u didn’t give up on ur resolution
    it’s only March
    I guess that’s pretty good though,
    all of the gym resolutioners quit in early Feb.
    Waiting on your next great blog!

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