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Yes, I voted … and oh, no, I dit’nt

Yes, I voted … but not the way most of my friends, colleagues, clients, etc., would have thought I did.

As a woman, a writer, a sentient individual human being (I hope), I wouldn’t be a smidgen of who I am today if it had not been for the teachers who influenced and nurtured me from grade school on up. My greatest respect is reserved for teachers of all types and mediums through which they arrive at my experience.

And, um, of course I think children are great, need to be cared for and educated. And, no, I’m not a scrooge or some tightfisted cheapskate.

I voted in opposition of continuing the school tax in yesterday’s referendum … voted

for reasons I’d elucidate here in this blog if only I had somebody out there paying a special tax (that I’d already been receiving for a number of years and that I’d promised would only be a one-time thing — um, isn’t teaching children to “keep their word” one of the first lessons taught?) so that I could keep doing what I”m passionate about doing at a pay scale at which I’ve become accustomed and which is among the highest in the state — all this despite a recession that has many of the people I’d be taxing on the verge of losing their homes and jobs and pride.

This referendum was about teacher pay … not truly about the education — intellectual and cultural — of children.

All those parents who talked about how important it is for their kids to have a great education? I’m just curious … how many of them play Chopin on the radio during the afternoon so their children are infused with musicality? How many go on a nightly walk after dinner with their child to ensure they’re getting enough exercise? How many read Shakespeare or biographies of presidents, discuss reason and logic and morality, explain how the family budget works, or teach a foreign language to their children at night — instead of watching American Idol or its current equivalent — en famille, only speaking during commercials?

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25 Responses to Yes, I voted … and oh, no, I dit’nt
  1. U did miss that jazz concert at Pine View.
    It was Outstanding!!!!Amazing musicians!!
    U really missed the boat on this one!
    Glad u are the minority in this town!!

  2. Stick to your expertise in military matters NN ..MC is 100% right.I was in Education for 25 years and know the inside sory on financing and budget.I also read everything about Sarasota and what the State had to say about giving $$ to the districts in the State.We have a great district in Sarasota but alot of $$ was absolutely wasted under the previous adminitration with Gary Norris at the helm.Enough is enough but the people have spoken.We shall see but in the end it seems like No taxpayer left behind once again….

  3. You , MC, and that damn cat,are, thank god, the only 3 people in this town who voted against teachers and against children!
    Shame on all three of u!
    If u say “the cat ,he can’t vote”
    nor can the children
    Terrible decision by u two
    Glad were here to cover for u
    Me and about 68,000 others!!!

  4. always appreciate opposing views, NN — but even if the cat can’t vote, at least his education taught him to analyze news reports a tad bit better than you have when you write that 68,000 others voted similarly as you did. in reality about 70,000 people voted-on both sides of the issue – 66% of those, or 46,000, voted for the tax (as you did); 34%, or 24,000 voted against.

    it’s never a terrible decision to vote. the only terrible behavior when it comes to voting is not voting at all (or unduly influencing the voting of others)

    on another note — does anyone have information on how much it cost the county to hold this special referendum?

  5. You beat me to it MC.NN needs to go back to school and take math refresher courses while I take typing classes.This is far from a done deal and it may be on the ballot again in November.This is not about people disliking or not having children in the schools,it is about wasting $$$$ and taxing people to death where they just can’t afford it anymore.Trust me the system would survive if this did not pass………. MC my guess would be 6 figures for sure!!!!

  6. Just seeing how much bs it takes to get a response from u
    I see not much
    excellent point about not voting
    as I have already scolded 2 midlifers for not voting today
    I just quickly glanced at the numbers
    and saw landslide

  7. Ah, NN, if I had a dollar bill for every man who’s tried bs just to get a rise out of me … i could fund the sarasota county school system myself. 😉

    no need to apologize — i appreciate you reading the blog and contributing.

  8. Yes he needs to apologize..Plus he made fun of the poor little Kitty.

  9. MC > on another note — does anyone have information on how much it cost the county to hold this special referendum?

    MC; you can contact Kathy Dent’s office at: 861-8600 and am certain, she will have the answer.

  10. Nate owes our kindly moderator a HUGE
    Snn reported that this little election cost
    I may not be good with numbers but that seems kinda high
    Also if I were a teacher I would hate to have my salary tied to a special referendum
    there has to be a better way
    I change my vote to. no
    Hell No!!!!
    See Steve
    this is how u get back into the good graces of our moderator

  11. Yes it costs 500 grand from what I read….You are still not in good graces have to do better than that like adopt the kitty and be nice to MC’s favorite bloggers JP and me:-)

  12. MC does not play favorites
    and that kitty is now just an ol’ cat by now

  13. Except I have been edited once
    her finger tapped the evil delete key of repression
    so maybe she is particular but truly no favorites

  14. Yes MC,
    trying to get a rise out of you!!
    Another dollar!!!:)

  15. Only she knows who are her most loyal and oldest bloggers !:-)

  16. Well I’m her newest and most creative blogger
    and only got edited once
    so there!!!

  17. She hates loyalty
    that’s a sign of weakness
    She appreciates controversy
    she also appreciates good grammer
    which is tough on all of us

  18. au contraire mon chere Nate. i adore giving and receiving loyalty. it’s just that i’m completely capable of pulling a bobby deniro heat movie move. without batting a lash. because my ultimate loyalty is to myself. (and so is everyone else’s, it’s just that i don’t mind admitting it). that’s why i was able to vote the way i did two days ago — sentimentality and sentimental loyalty, my love of teachers, and my belief that education is paramount for children will never take precedence over analysis, logic, and ruthless (some say mean) pursuit of integrity — whether it’s a school system that spends 1.5 million over three referendums to avoid a general election for a vote it promised it wouldn’t ask for again and wouldn’t have needed it if had spent more judiciously and not been so swayed by the pretty M.ED labels it wanted to sprinkle around the county (as if masters teachers are better than bachelors) or whether it’s a parenting community that i know turns the more profound aspects of educating their own children over to a system outside their own home, to lovers, friends, family, and, um, yes, readers of my blog, whom i only censor when i’m having a bad hair day.

  19. U have run Nate off
    I will have to fill in

    I love loyalty as well as you do MC!
    I love the loyalty of a good dog
    the loyalty of an American Solider
    the loyalty of my nurse

    wow I’m starting to feel very loyal to this blog!
    Your newest loyal blogger

  20. John W. Perkins
    March 18, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    If you can read this, thank a teacher…

  21. That’s it Johnny P….and PP/ NN go to another are cramping my style!

  22. Steve, John, MC, I have the most respect for not only you, but the many bloggers who take the time to offer their continued support to Mary’s Blog. While we all may be divided in our opinions, this is what keeps it interesteing. Most of all, I respect MC for continuing to be unselfish, by taking the time out of her day to keep this blog alive. You know, MC I feel is a powerful advocate for the comunity in wish we live. She’s the heartbeat of the city. Always keeps the stories fresh, alive and for certain; thought provoking. This is why I’m asking for everyone’s opinion. It was the School Referrendum that gave me the idea. While I really don’t watch much TV, as I love to read. And when I do, it’s mostly literary works, some local fiction, mysteries and when I want to escape, I love to get into Tim Dorsey or Carl Hiaasen novel. And John, you are exactly right my friend, I thank a teacher for being able to read. Ok, enough babling and back to my question. How many have seen the commercial about the Kaplan University? You know, the one where the professor apologizes for a system gone bad? You know, think about it. Do you truly feel, the education the students receive today is enough? Personaly, my thoughts are no, they are not. Take a look at today’s society. Americans are working more, spending less time with their children, home meals aren’t with the family anymore, there’s literaly no such thing as retirement anymore. While I believe times are changing, I truly think they are not for the best, but are actualy getting worse. I really feel the decline in our society began when our manufacturing jobs began to move overseas. Corporations began to get greedier, by having a product built overseas at a quarter of the labor costs and the more profit they made, the more they wanted and there was no end in sight. But I really like this commercial. It hit home to me. Say, while I’m not a college educated man, do not hold a degree, I do have a job I love and am happy to get up for in the morning to go to work to.
    But as I read Mary’s blog every day, and I becamse to know a couple of you on an e-mail basis, also, we’re almost in the same age group, I was just wondering what your thougths were on the level of education our students are receiving today.
    Your thoughts would certainly be appreciated. And Mary, ever since I read that column titled: “A Redemption Song”, I was hooked. Iv’e been a supporter since that column and will always offer any help I can.
    Thank you for being there for all of us and Steve and John, you folks are the best!
    The Hawk….. Mary know’s who I am….

  23. Thanks Hawk and of course MC..I had every position in Education and saw it all.I worked in many systems too in my 25 years and retired due to failed back surgery.I read alot and communicate with many folks that are in Education now.The bottom line is it is getting worse and will continue to do so.The structure of the families,less $$$ ,politics ,economy ,tenure laws,etc.etc.etc.have ruined the systems and really it is a national disgrace.It was not when we grew up in the 50s when a parent stayed home and when a teacher called home you got punished.Now the kids theaten the teachers and the parents blame the system too without any responsiblity.I am also a licensed psychologist and see too much.Perhaps as I told MC we should get together and discuss ideas someday with some nice liquid refrshments:-)I am rambling Hawk but the bottom line are test scores.Teachers are teaching for success with all this testing as their jobs are on the line as the scores are puiblished.The school district is in big doo doo if they do not do welll and less$$$$ and problems for the district..Many of the basic skills of life are being overlooked in the classroom but the districts again are so obsessed with test scores that is their focus.
    BTW did everyone notice that this big FBI investigation came out right after the vote??Hmmmmm?

  24. Wow
    totally opposite of what I see here in Sarasota!
    Energized students and teachers
    amazing courses taught at younger and younger ages
    Our school system is outstanding
    Maybe u need to have kids IN the system
    to really see how fantastic it is.
    Talking about growing up in the 50’s
    Not very realistic when trying to relate it to today’s issues

  25. NN,
    I was speaking in general terms.As far as Sarasota under the new leadership of Supt.Lori White it probably is in the top 3 in the state.Yes I know it is not realistic comparing it to now but just wanted to make a statement and in my opinion if one parent stayed home mother or father…………..there def.would be less problems but it is all about the $$$ and survival.


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