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Little boy (cat) lost … found himself a home!

I’m super happy to report that the stray little kitty who has been living in my carport for weeks on end has been adopted!! He has a new home with a loving family. And he seemed to get attached to his new caretakers pretty easily (sniff, sniff — no, I’m not crying — no way!).

I miss him a lot — I was accustomed to coming home and see him run out from his little cardboard box to greet me. I was accustomed to feeding him when I fed the indoor rugrats. I was accustomed to petting him and loving him.

Super grateful he has a new home and so very appreciative of all the readers, people who called about the signs I put up in the neighborhood, the Sarasota Observer, people who wrote me emails or posted blog comments, or gave advice about “little boy.”

He showed up in this nook among several trees and bushes — and lived there for several days and nights, mewling every time I went outside, but running if I came close.

Then, he gradually came closer and closer, but wouldn’t let me touch him.

Then, pretty soon, he was master of all he surveyed.

The last week that he lived here, he was confident enough to get in my lap and follow me around when I walked Boomerang (keeping, mostly, a respectful distance). Now, he’s got a new home and new family. We’re getting back to normal here, chez Coolidge. But he’s missed.

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50 Responses to Little boy (cat) lost … found himself a home!
  1. I’m so glad you found him a home.

  2. Great MC..Thank you for all you did for the little kitty and a big thank you fro the family that took him in..I was very worried as I think Boomer was getting a bit jealous.Einstein and Coco could care less is the word on the street…Hope you are having fun and carpe diem!

  3. Thanks for visiting the blog Susan! I’m very glad too (took a while … but was worth it!)

  4. you’re absolutely right, Steve. Boomer was very jealous. Einstein and Coco were a bit jaded.

  5. Tommy Bahama Of LBK
    March 18, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Congratulations MC. What say ye now Nate???

  6. MC, I am so very happy and proud of you in the same time. While I’m certain you loved the little guy unconditionaly, you were not selfish by wanting him to be loved in a new home. I’m certain he’ll be just fine. You should feel darned proud to have taken care of him until he found a home. This is one of the countless qualities we all love about you for Mary. Your caring and the love you give.
    Respectfully, your friend…..

  7. oh, thanks HawkMan. I’m not sure I deserve all that you said, but it’s very sweet and I’ll try to live up to that ideal more often! This was actually a great example of the community — a newspaper, readers, my neighbors, etc., everybody willing to give advice and/or to try to help in some way. Nice to see people working together for good stuff.

  8. John W. Perkins
    March 19, 2010 at 8:15 am

    I agree, you done good..

  9. Congrats MC,
    I’m sure one of your long time,
    more loyal and obedient bloggers could fill in for that lost place in your heart.
    I’m just positive one of them would curl up and live in a cardboard box in ur garage!
    You are a wonderful person to care so much about a little cat
    Maybe other strays will be lucky enough to find there way to your doorstep

  10. Perkins tried….MC kicked him out after he didn’t replace the vodka he drank and made a mess in the litter box!

  11. John W. Perkins
    March 19, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Steve, I do not drink likker, I am house broken, and M.C. has never kicked me out of anything.. Or, anywhere… And, probably never will.

  12. JWP,

    I am officially kicking you out of the club of those ill-favored few whom I will kick out of something, surely, at some point.


  13. I want out too!!!!!
    I know I’m a newbie but I think I have contributed enough in my short time to get kicked out!!

  14. The editorial review board will take your request under advisement, NN>

  15. Don’t do it MC ..NN is still a rookie and has not be in the big leagues like John and I for over a year and a half.The ERB has spoken!

  16. After careful consideration over morning coffee and extensive communications with my trusted ERB, NN, we regret to inform you that at this time, good sir, we cannot accept your petition for permanent kick-out status from possible kicking out scenarios that may or may not arise down the road, on this blog and/or in any other circumstances that fall under the purview of MC and her ERB posse. You, of course, are welcome to reapply in one year. MC

  17. That is utterly unfair
    I will resubmit my application in one year from this date
    20 mar11
    mark my words
    that was a bad decision
    I was even thrown out of Band in 5 th grade for talking
    how is it possible I can’t get thrown out of a simple blog site!!!
    Code in sure!
    I will try harder to break this little alliance
    and expand MCs loyalties to include NN
    Nate out!

  18. NN out for sure..You can try as hard as you want but I think next year at this time my vote will still be nay.We shall see.Be nice………….We also spoke to your band director and what he said I can’t say here.”This one time in band camp NN stuck a __________ “you get the rest!

  19. MC,
    knows my resume
    I may suprise u yet
    I speak French
    know Russian
    avid reader
    yes I see it all now clearly!
    Your vote will mean nothing in one year

  20. My Band director was a she !!!
    MC and I hate it when people stereotype!
    Getting points already !!!!
    NN out!

  21. I will discuss this further with Capt.Perkins and my main man the Hawk.Speak English and we will consider you and my vote is def.going to be the swing vote so watch it flute boy:-)

  22. I will be appropriately behaved and definately
    cival to our moderator
    I appreciate that fact u are the swing vote
    and will remember that in upcoming responses
    it was saxophone
    Special Force guys don’t play the flute
    Watch it!
    MC and I hate the flute anyway!
    ‘nother point!

  23. Special Force guys also never reread or check spelling
    our kindly moderator with the large vocabulary and literary wit
    knows that as well.
    But I will try to be civil
    so there!

  24. I’m glad to know the (special) Force is with me …

  25. Funny!
    Enjoy the best weekend in the past 2 months

  26. I heard the Special Forces all played the flute but we still appreciate your service.MC keep enjoying as always.Glad Boomer is relaxed now too.

  27. Now why was that derogatory comment not
    edited by our God fearing military loving Democrat occ republican
    Very inflamatory words!!!
    Maybe she doesn’t get Steves implications
    from the blog comment
    but I do !
    Not cool
    I will remember u said that
    That just tainted this otherwise beautiful
    MC and I don’t think it’s appropriate to
    comment on our military when u have never served it for one day in your entire life.
    Furthermore u sleep warm and cuddly under the blanket of freedom we
    provided and still provide for u
    so curb your flute comments!!!

  28. Oh relax NN it was humor and you know it.I appreciate everyone who served in the military and have done volunteer work with the vets.You also don’t know if I served or not so why guess.If I offended you then I am sorry but you kow it was a light joke .Oh I am quite sure it ruined your evening NN.Relax and get over it.Don’t blame MC she gets it for sure and she knows me that I did not mean any disrespect.Have a wonderful day!

  29. Of course I know it
    but I told u I am trying to break
    ur long time alliance with MC
    and throw her allegence toward me
    The power of words !!!!
    I did have a great evening
    yes I’m glad we all support the military
    sorry about ur back situation
    MC this may be harder than I first thought
    very sensitive crew u hang with!

  30. I guess I have to write another book, have a major book event, make sure you all are on the VIP list, finally get to meet some of my most vocal blog readers, and get you all in one room to reconcile your differences!

  31. You will never break the alliance with MC,JP ,the Hawk and me..ever.Perhaps if you adopted the kitty you would have earned valued brownie points but you didn’t do that… keep trying kid I give you credit…..The alliance has spoken.

  32. Or just have the first annual
    MC meet and greet at ur favorite pub
    where we can all buy u ur favorite martini!!!
    I for one treat this blog like an episode of Survivor
    I believe I am gaining an alliance with the moderator
    but likely will be tripped up by rival players!
    Makes sitting here dictating 100 charts alittle more fun!

    Have a nice Sun(right)day MC!!!!

  33. Call it War and Peace MC…I told you to have a blog party…..I’ll even buy NN a drink..

  34. Review board !
    Got it
    overthought it
    where is ur outrage or glee over this landmark healthcare deal!??
    It will affect just about everyone in this great city!

  35. MC and I have decided yes on the Meet and Greet!
    We will not be calling it a blog party, sorry Steve
    details to be forth coming from our gracious moderator
    and hostess.

  36. Hey MC is this true?I have been begging you to have the blog party.(bad takeoff on block party) oh well for over a year and this guy can sway you this quick?Oh I forget he is playing the Survivor game..Well listen Richard hatch Jr.nobody gets the Prince of Puns or THE King of comedy so nice try..Did you say free martinis for everyone?PS The healthcare plan is a joke ..sorry…

  37. NN is HOPING I’ll have a blog party. No plans for one yet. But I do promise to have a party when my next book is sold to a major publisher. 😉

  38. I knew it….I am Seinfeld and he is my Newman….Good luck with the new book and I am quite sure a major publisher will buy it very soon…then it is party time…. sans NN…Newman.

  39. MC may be reluctant now
    but we will all win her over with claims
    of icy cold delicious martinis, great apps, and
    our humorous conversation
    As long as none of us are on an FBI watch list and we meet at MC s favorite public pub
    it should be a great time
    Dress casual
    bring her last book for signing
    and 10 dollars for her favorite charity!
    See you there!

  40. Oh I live healthcare
    I know it’s a joke!!!!

  41. I agree with Steve completely
    Nate needs to be stopped.
    This foolishness will lessen this blog
    We want Nates identity revealed
    at the Meet and Greet that you two planned
    Or he planned
    see it’s already so confusing!

  42. At least preexisting conditions will not be an exclusion onObtaining an insurance policy
    we all have something
    furthermore it will take 4 yrs to implement
    so all the smart docs will be long gone and retired or moved to Canada!

  43. Now we agree ..finally Wait……………..did you say FBI watchlist?…Hmmmm I guess I’ll take a raincheck…Damn.

  44. That’s twice MC!!!!!!:)

  45. 3 ,4 times
    I am being punished or censored?
    Well I feel like the author of Catcher in the Rye
    when the public libraries banned it.
    MC is definately in control of this blog!!!
    So much for the free press

  46. John W. Perkins
    March 22, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Good grief, this blog has turned into a monster..

  47. Steve, I do not drink likker, I am house broken, and M.C. has never kicked me out of anything.. Or, anywhere… And, probably never will.

    Hate to dissappoint u
    MC has got some new friends
    I guess ur gonna have to learn to deal with it

    or not!!!

  48. Hello Newman,
    We know all your idenity or alias and you are not fooling anyone especially MC.Now go find another blog to bug people .You are causing great stress to Johnny P who is the original blogger and Hall of Famer.MC I may leave this blog and I will get the Hawk and JP follow me unless you find a new home for this imposter.Jerry

  49. Please reread your own
    blog comments and either send it to your second grade teacher or your mommy
    This is too easy

  50. alright, wackadoodles — i’m closing the comments now on this blog!!

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