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Monday morning chez MC

Silvery-colored snake on plant right next to mailbox, scared the pants off me as I posted a letter.

Lizard inside mailbox, not so scary. lizard-mailbox

Mockingbird in tree next to window singing to beat the band.

Squirrel chewed hole through screen porch to attack plastic box filled with bird food.

Favorite woodpecker getting his breakfast. woodpecker

Boomerang tuckered out after walk around yard, damn near caught a squirrel (as payback).

Posted on April 5th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
24 Responses to Monday morning chez MC
  1. And Einstein and Coco were_____________?

  2. Einstein was lying on the just-out-of-the-dryer towels (she loves ’em warm). Coco was curled up on the chair on the screened in porch — keeping an eye out for invading squirrels.

  3. I don’t know if you can consider your property a petting zoo just yet!
    I think u need maybe a bobcat
    or raccoon
    that would do it!!!

  4. Snaps, in the past two weeks I have seen a raccoon (very large) and a possum!

  5. Ok
    put up ur sign
    MC’s Wild Kingdom
    charge 5 bucks a head
    2.50 under 5 years old
    have them sign a waiver about the uncertainty of animals in the wild.
    I will be your business partner and give rabies shots and appropriate medical care if needed on site.
    Butler or Duke???
    I’m for Butler
    root for the underdog!

  6. Does Duke get over 70 pts???
    I say yes
    butler wins by 2

  7. Butler’s strong on d. i say Duke goes to 67/68; Butler takes it by 4.

  8. Howard looks pretty uncoordinated
    starting to get worried

  9. Starting to want pizza
    10 dollars
    any pizza
    any size
    any type
    I think the commercials getting to me

  10. um, it’s salad over here. but i agree …. pizza … it’s the perfect food.

  11. Omg
    u may be dead on with your score
    foreign or domestic beer with your pizza
    I say go American. Fat tire!!!

  12. Pepperoni mushroom pizza
    with crushed hot peppers
    cold beer
    one half to go !!!
    I’m living now!!!!!!!

  13. Bud Light; Killians; um, but they have to be ice cold.

  14. Bud light would have to be near freezing
    what is this trophy they keep talking about??
    On with the game!!!!

  15. Tv and texting go together
    like pizza and beer

    Naismith ???
    Made up name???

  16. Your not gonna believe this but
    James Naismith was a Canadian!!
    The inventor of the game of basketball?
    Our American national pastime?

  17. good luck to the boys from butler; off to read a book i can’t put down.

  18. If we lose it’s because of
    matt Howard !!!!

  19. At 43-45
    we need all the support we can get!
    U choose to go read a book?
    This must be the book of the year
    It is now on my MUST read list!
    Please reveal the title of this book
    that beat Butler?!!

  20. Let me guess
    Little Bee
    with 49 seconds left

  21. 13 seconds left
    that’s it!!
    13 seconds
    we are losing by one
    13 little tics on that clock
    we have the ball!!!
    This is it!!!!!!

  22. 59-61


    Sucks, wish I had just read a good book!

  23. ended up watching the whole game and it was a heartbreaker. but damn, those butler boys gave it an incredible go. and that last shot — really, it was a great shot, even if it didn’t sink.


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