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Looking for love?

I’m always looking for love … at least from cuddly canines and friendly felines. Oh, and owls, and birds, and snakes, and whatevuh. I guess I’m not too discriminating. I’d love to have a dog too, but with three cats, I have to draw the line.

But if you’re looking for love … and have some love to give … come out to West Coast Veterinary Center (7910 State Road 72) on Saturday, May 15 between 1 and 5 p.m., for Kickapoo Rescue‘s “Adopt a Lovable Dog” Day!! These dogs are SO lovable and need good homes — if you can … give a dog a new lease(sh) on life!!

I know the woman who runs Kickapoo Rescue and she’s a passionate and truly dedicated caregiver and saver and foster parent for a gazillion animals (dogs, horses, cats) that nobody else wants … um, until now!

Maybe YOU’LL want one of the precious little dogs! Here are some photos of the dogs Kickapoo Rescue has rescued … and you can rescue them even further by giving them a permanent, loving home!


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2 Responses to Looking for love?
  1. Hi Mary Catherine,

    While canines and felines can co-exist, I think you are doing a major mitzvah with your cat crew. Hopefully, Kickapoo will have a few less boarders after this afternoon. :)


  2. Thanks, Howard. I hope so too!! :)


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