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Masked intruder at MC’s house

Here I was, watching a scary murder mystery. Sitting on the couch, minding my own business. Coco, Einstein, Boomerang — all asleep. Then I heard it.

A scratching at the window. Insistent. Einstein was on high alert. With not a little trepidation I made my way into the next room, got close to the windows and could hear my internal voice saying, “C’mon, show yourself you suckers. I’ll take you all on!” (Yes, I’m a not-so-scaredy-cat; I’ve come too far in my life to ever back down now from anybody, much less some crazed killer dumb enough to scratch at a window to let me know he’s outside).

And, I came face to face with a masked intruder!


Literally, this guy was less than two or three inches from my face! And from Boomer’s and Einstein’s too. We were all looking outside, our noses practically shmushed against the window pane. This guy’s face made me jump back and screech. Then I ran for the camera. Snapped him nosing. Then watched as two little baby raccoons meandered around the parent (couldn’t capture them), then watched as the parent Peeping Tom started to leave for more interesting views, I suppose.


Whew. I missed the ending of my movie — oh, I already had figured out whodunit, but still …. enough excitement for one night.

Posted on June 2nd, 2010Comments RSS Feed
5 Responses to Masked intruder at MC’s house
  1. Perkins you are smaller than I thought!

  2. Joan L Osgood
    June 3, 2010 at 9:30 pm


  3. “Perkins you are smaller than I thought!”

    It wasn’t me.. I’m way over in SE Louisiana on business in a La Quinta Hotel waiting for the breakfast buffet to begin.

  4. My bad JP..Now stop eating all that garbage and help with the oil spill!


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