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Aw, Obama go-on-a

So President Obama is coming to Florida.

I wish he wouldn’t.

Look, I’ve lost jobs over my writings about Obama when he was running for president. I’ve supported the guy from the git-go. But now, I just want him to go. I mean, go — as in not come to Florida on a two-day mini-break in August in the first place.

I don’t want him to come because it’s just insultingly clear that he’s only coming because so many people bitched and moaned about him going up to Maine, etc.

Obama!!! Frickin’ Man Up!!!!

Who cares what people say about where you vacation? Sheesh, man. You’re the President. You’re a man. No one is ever going to be happy with any decision you make. People who once loved you are going to hate you and perhaps even vice versa. Just deal with it. FOCUS, MAN. Focus on your job.

And, honestly, I don’t even think you should be taking a vacation in the first place. I don’t think I’ve had a vacation in over a decade — I’m not proud of that fact, it’s just that I’ve been dealing with crises for over 10 years — a marriage gone south, a divorce, a few moves, starting my own business, getting back on solid ground after a post-divorce restructuring of my life that swept through my financial house like a hurricane, and myriad other little and great challenges — so um, I stuck with it and worked. And I’m still working.

Um, hello? Our country is in CRISIS. Fuggedabout a vacation. Frickin’ hole up in that Oval Office, throw some sleeping bags on the floor for Michelle and the kids, and WORK YOUR BUTT OFF. You can vacation in a couple of years!!!!!

Of course, if you don’t vacation, all the tourism industry will complain that you’re not supporting tourism-dependent economy, so really, you can’t win no matter what you do … .

But my point is, no matter what you do — vacation, work through your vacation, yada, yada, do not, ever, under any circumstances REACT instead of ACT. Reaction is having your wife criticized for promoting tourism in Florida and then changing your own vacation plans because people criticize you and said wife for vacationing anywhere else.

Action is sticking with your original plan and not being so subject to the whims and whimsy of the braying donkeys.

They bray and they bray … and they will always bray.

You? You need to stay … in Maine or Martha’s Vineyard or wherever else you want to go. But don’t come to Florida. We don’t need the crumbs of your vacation days and we don’t need the mercy-trip.

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7 Responses to Aw, Obama go-on-a
  1. For the first time since I have been reading you, you are seriously off target with this commentary.

  2. Whew! I’m so glad it’s only for the first time! :)

    Seriously, Adam, thanks for reading the blog (honestly, it really matters to me!) and for sharing your thoughts. I’d be interested in knowing more of why you feel I”m off target … .

    I’d love to share more of your thoughts with my readers — if you’d care to do a counterpoint, just write one up and I’ll post you as a guest blogger! Can be as brief as you like.

    All best — MC

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head MC………..I won’t waste too many other words on one of the worst presidents in history and he has only been on the job 2 years.I would love to hear any blogger defend this guy !

  4. Due to our President’s arrogance and incompetence, I wish that he would go on vacation and never come back.

    May I suggest, Key West, FL. He would fit right in.

  5. MC, I know it’s your dime (HA, showing my age w/ that one), but, at the risk of irreparably damaging his reputation, I agree with Adam Tebrugge. It is truly a no-win situation for Obama.

    Laughed out loud at the quote in today’s paper re: Obama’s FLA. trip from the chairwoman of the Republican Party of Okaloosa County: “I hate to be cynical, but I believe it’s all political….” A Republican who hates to be cynical?? I’m sorry–am I being cynical?

    If it makes you feel any better, MC, don’t call it a ‘vacation.’ Consider it a ‘promotional event’ for the good of the Gulf Coast. See, that means he would still be working….

    And, Steve & John, I can defend “this guy” and his “arrogance and incompetence” in two words: McCain/Palin.

  6. One-eyed Dick — thanks for your comment. I too, could take that stance — not that I think Obama needs defending — but surely McCain/Palin was not a vote to take.

    I may be criticizing Obama for this Florida trip — and it is a trip, indeed — but I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of “Obama, yo Mama”.

    Do I wish he had balls of steel? yes. do i think he’s not flying this country balls to the wall. yes. but i’d vote for him in a heartbeat again.

  7. Just name anything that he has done to help the American people out.He is in so over his head it is truly embarrassing .McCain and Palin are beauties too but let’s stick to what Barack has done in a postive way and let’s not blame Bush for all of his problems.Of course he needs defending he has not done anything to help the American people in these worst of times.Oh yeah I forgot the great healthcare plan..Yipee.Just look at the economy and the case is closed.What a joke.


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