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MC Coolidge in today’s St. Pete Times opinion pages!


Back in ’92, I remember working briefly as an intern at the Concord Monitor newspaper in New Hampshire and hearing about the St. Pete Times and the Poynter Institute back in my home state of Florida. The St. Pete Times was talked about almost as the holy grail for newspaper hounds like myself. And, now, a gazillion years later, I’m super happy to be appearing today in that paper’s opinion pages in the Pinellas edition of the paper.

You can read my guest column online at The Pen is Mightier than the Email, Tweet, and Text or in print if you live in the Pinellas County area.


It’s a big thrill, and an honor, to appear in my home state’s largest newspaper, which also happens to be one of the most respected print publications in the country.

If you read the column and are so inspired, you can post a comment and/or write a letter to the editor at letting them know that you like (or dislike — though I hope not!) seeing a local writer from Sarasota in their pages. Who knows? — maybe someday they’ll be inspired to have a regular “weigh-in” in their pages from a Sarasota writer!

This column also appeared in yesterday’s Sarasota Herald Tribune op-ed pages — I’m always grateful to appear in my hometown paper — and of course, it would be a long-held dream come true to have a weekly print opinion column in those local pages — but until that happens, I’ve got to keep trying to land work in any and all print pubs!

Oh, well, got to run — headed downtown to find the St. Pete Times! :)

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6 Responses to MC Coolidge in today’s St. Pete Times opinion pages!
  1. After reading your very well written column, I am now inspired to write a letter..

    To you..

  2. Thanks for reading … and writing! :)

  3. John, I’m with ya , my friend!
    Mary, I’ve always said, there is no instrument in the world, that holds as much power, as the almighty pen; more ways than one.
    Mary’s on fire and I truly feel 2011 will be her year…she’s certainly deserving of the recognition she’s been receiving lately.
    You go Mary!
    Best wishes, “the Advocate” 😉

  4. Thanks Advocate — I hope your New Year prediction comes true. Wishing you all best as well.

  5. Congrats MC.Letter writing is certainly a dying art and today most young people can’t even write!!!I wish you continued success and I agree that 2011 will be your year.Carpe diem,Steve

  6. Thanks Steve — for taking the time to read the piece and commenting. And for the good thoughts for the coming year. Sending you back fabulous wishes for the new year as well.


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