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Woo-hoo!! MC’s got a brand new gig!

I love, love, love being a writer. Best decision I ever made was dumping my career in corporate/business/9-5 America, and throwing myself to the mercy of the freelance god as a publicist and all-round writer.

I may be usually broke … but I’m also unusually happy. Especially on days like today where I get to announce a NEW GIG!

In addition to my weekly print column Sense and the City, I’m doing a new blog for the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s WICKED cool new TICKET website — it is hot (and cool). I hope you’ll check all the offerings and new blogs on this must-read site, but in particular, I hope you’ll check out mine! :)

Photo courtesy of the Sarasota Herald Tribune image archive.

Photo courtesy of the Sarasota Herald Tribune image archive.

— I invite you to check out my new blog — here’s today’s entry — Better Than Botox … the Ringling Museum of Art.

This new blog is great, of course — but it will never replace my humble little depository of “MC reality” right here on my own blog! Of course, this reality blog doesn’t “pay” and my new gig does — so that’s pretty real in its own right! Yippee!

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7 Responses to Woo-hoo!! MC’s got a brand new gig!
  1. Once again congrats MC.You deserve all you can get.2011 will be your year.The best always for continued success and happiness!

  2. Thanks so much Steve — you’re awfully sweet to give me such an encouraging message!

  3. BTW is that statue,in the picture, a likeness of the Capt.Johnny P?:-)

  4. MC, do you think you can walk an entire mile in and around the museum?

  5. oh, that’s cruel, making fun of a girl with a bum leg! 😉

  6. Woops there it is. I’m sorry. I thought maybe we needed to downgrade your cougar status to lethargic house cat. But I’m sure you’ll pounce back!

  7. Oh, I love a man who can pun. Thanks for the good fishes.

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