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Time to make your move ….

Vday is only 11 days away … if you haven’t asked her — or him — out yet, what are you waiting for!

Here’s my latest bit of advice on navigating Vday 2011.

Posted on February 3rd, 2011Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to Time to make your move ….
  1. MC if you have to give advice to people they really no nothing about romance.As for me it is sunset time with my wife with wine ,cheese and other goodies.Then after some hugs and kisses we will walk the beach hand in hand chatting or not.It doesn’t matter.Again I don’t need a special day to remind me to do something special for my wife.It should be done everyday in whatever way one can express their love.To me Valentine’s day is a bit ridiculous!

  2. yes, i agree … the simple things are better. that’s why i advocate for picnics, single gerbera daisies, and trips to the museum. vday is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overblown. and a complete fabrication for consumerism! but … it exists and for a lot of people it matters if they’re made to feel they matter (in whatever way that is done).
    thanks, as always, steve, for reading!


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