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Holy smokes! They’ve caught Whitey Bulger!!

FBI Nabs Whitey Bulger!!!

I used to hang around the North End of Boston before it got all prettied up and gentrified and yuppified and before the Big Dig and all the “walkable” improvements connecting the NO to the rest of Beantown.

I remember walking under I-93 which goes straight through Boston, through little-used (at the time) tunnel reeking of urine and a bit intimidating with homeless people lining the walls — all just to get to the North End.

I’d go there and hang out at the old caffes where men played chess and you could smoke ’til your lungs gave out. I met more than one made man there back in the days. And though I kept my distance, they were often very protective of me. I was always alone at the caffes, sitting in there all day long, reading, writing, smoking (yes, back then I smoked!), and drinking coffee after coffee. Sometimes they’d let me play chess with them. And often, if a man bothered me or was hitting on me (yes, this did happen to me … back in the day!!), they’d intervene.

Often the serious players in the crime world would come in and just go straight back to the doors that led to a basement meeting place. It wasn’t glamorous; they weren’t sexy (well, one was, but that’s another story), and I knew they were ruthless, bad — for the most part — guys. Not goodfellas by a long shot. But they were always decent to me. Go figure.

Of course, the North End wasn’t exactly Whitey’s hangout. He was a South Boston thug of mythic — and monstrous — proportion. I’m so glad they caught him.

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