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Two Sarasota Bartenders Make MC’s Saturday Night

My new favorite bar in Sarasota is at Bijou Cafe.

Bartender at Bijou whipped up my fave cocktail.

Interested in knowing what I was doing last Saturday night? Read today’s Sense and the City column (Sarasota Herald-Tribune TICKET section, always way in the back pages!) or click here to read it online.

John Russo aka the "singing bartender" at Sam Snead's

Posted on August 25th, 2011Comments RSS Feed
5 Responses to Two Sarasota Bartenders Make MC’s Saturday Night
  1. So why didn’t you ask Robbie boy out MC?What happened to the martini girl?Have fun!

  2. All I can say after 4 years on this blog MC you are aces!Enough said!It is 4 years right?I am just an old man with a bad memory!Enjoy and have fun as always.Hope the 3 cats are thriving too:-)

  3. Steve — three years! but whose counting?! :) as for martini girl … i still enjoy them every now and again but i’ve been an amaretto and sprite girl for a lot longer!

  4. My 92 year old buddy’s mom has a crush on Russo. Is he still in Sarasota?

    • Yes, I believe he still is! I’m not sure where he’s working right now, though….If I find out, I’ll send you an email. Thanks for visiting my site!

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