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Sarasota poet offers meditation on mourning a pet

For all those out there who love their dogs, Sarasota poet Arlene Klein recently republished a collection titled I Never Wanted to Say Goodbye: Gentle Words to Comfort Those Who Mourn the Loss of a Pet. Klein calls the book “a testament to the joy of living with pets and the sorrow of losing them.”

“The book is a collection of poems, written as a tribute to the dogs I loved and lost,” she writes. “Gentle words to comfort those who mourn the loss of a beloved pet. It touches the heart and is an inspiration to embrace every magical moment we share with our furry friends.”

Originally published in 1995, the book was nominated for a Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell award. Klein released a revised edition two years ago — she even got Betty White to write the foreword.

A portion of book sale proceeds goes to the Morris Animal Foundation for canine health studies.

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4 Responses to Sarasota poet offers meditation on mourning a pet
  1. James ZACCHERIO
    August 6, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    I lost my beloved Yorkie Chewch in 2010. I met Arlene Klein and her husband Ron thru Facebook and was fotunate to be one of many who have found much needed comfort through Arlenes winderful book. It made me realize I was not alone during the loss of my pet…that Arlene had been thru.the same ordeal many times over and survived. We have spoken on the phone and have become regular FB pals!! I even sought the advise of Ron her husband about an.invention I was patening Ron being an entrepreneur and inventor himself was equally helpful. His book “Grandfather of possibilities is another
    Book that graces my book collection. I highly recommend both!! Thank u and Love you Arlene &Ron

    • Thank you to the writer who wrote this lovely piece about my book, I NEVER WANTED TO SAY GOODBYE. I am honored and humbled.

      Thank you Jim for your very special testimonial. I’m so grateful for your friendship that came about because of Facebook. I’m pleased that my gentle words helped you through the loss of CHEWCH. If my writings bring comfort to people who lose their beloved furry companions, I’ve accomplished my mission.

      For all of us who have to bid farewell to our precious pets, let’s CELEBRATE THEIR LIFE!!! “They leave pawprints on our hearts” and remember “SOULS NEVER LEAVE”

      Arlene Klein and SCOUT (at the Rainbow Bridge) and NALA (the little lost kitty sent by SCOUT)

  2. I had the privilege to receive this Book as a gift when my Mandie died. I cherish it immensely. Thank you so much dear friend.

    Kathy Tarochione
    Picture A Moment Pet Productions LLC

  3. thanks to you all for visiting MC Reality Online — glad you enjoyed the book and thanks to the author for saying a few words!

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