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What if … we take a moment to help fight hunger in our community?

I ran my “What If” blog on January 22nd of this year … but it seems appropriate for this current week too; so I’ve excerpted it below. Thank you to all who donated so far to the All Faiths Food Bank “Reality Readers” fundraising drive! If you’re interested in donating money through the MC Reality Readers fundraising campaign to help feed the hungry this holiday season — click here for details.

What if …right this moment … or at least the minute you get done reading this blog …

What if we all got up exactly this moment and went out and took action to help someone else?

Someone who has a need perhaps we can’t even discern. But somehow we do.

What if?

One of us got up and drove to the Five Points area near Main Street in Sarasota and offered a meal to a homeless man or woman? Today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Live. Up close and personal. Just offer food to someone who might be hungry?

What if we bought a few grocery gift certificates and took them to families in need?

Or, if one of us got up from the computer screen, walked into the kitchen, pulled every non-perishable from the shelves, and drove to All Faiths or some other food pantry — right then and there — to help feed the hungry?

What if?

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