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MC’s Love … and Anti-Love Poems for Valentine’s Weekend



On dating attorneys — poetry as complaint

Moon-howling Mama

Posted on February 13th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to MC’s Love … and Anti-Love Poems for Valentine’s Weekend
  1. When will we again value poets, MC? Their vogues are often quite short in English. Russians, of course, cry with their poets. And Germans celebrate them for their clever and insightful use of a verb-ending language. Arabic by its nature is a language of poetry. But English today is pocket-change hai-ku.

    Thank you for your Valentines Day gifts including two I somehow missed. It’s bone-breakingly hard to craft penetrating poetry. And the only place to publish is chalk on a sidewalk, so little we value it. As we slip down the ladder into dumb illiteracy, the highest rung is the first relinquished.

    I’m watching your search for glee with a bit of glee myself. Pushing aside my mundane in search of fun and adventure. I think they are linked, because repeat fun – the second ride on the roller coaster – is never as terrifyingly gleeful as the first.

    Think “asteroids” which sweep their orbits of debris to create a clean path. For fun, you must move to another orbit. Or in the vernacular, walk on the wild side. s/StanZ

  2. StanZ — honored — as always — that you take the time to read my little edge of the blogosphere. I love your line “English today is pocket change hai-ku.” You are absolutely welcome for the V-day poems — I appreciate you reading them. You make an interesting point about “repeat fun” — something I’m struggling with. And wondering if I need that “terrifyingly gleeful” kind of fun still … or is there a deeper, more resonating fun I’m failing to understand.

    I like the idea of asteriods. A clean path. A new orbit. Most of all … that walk on the wild side. See you there, my friend.


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